Once A Whore, Always A Whore | Chapter 2

The young ladies hastily strolled into the corner and stripped themselves bare. Greg strolled in and together we hauled each of the five young ladies out and into the van. We heard police alarms up on the expressway so we hastily moved into the van and drove up the street. Since we were on the primary street when the police showed up and we had “Greg’s Delivery” composed as an afterthought, the police barely cared about us.

Our next stop was a little supermarket. Greg came out with 4 young ladies, making the all out of casualties up to “9”. We concluded that was sufficient, considering if we added Dana, we had xxxfun.top 10 young ladies. We needed to drive the van into the carport and shut the carport entryway prior to maneuvering every one of the young ladies into the house. They were each tossed into their own prison cell, two in each.

Presently this wouldn’t be any fun assuming we just let you rest, presently would it?”I said over the intercom”Now for those in Jail Cell #1. Dana, you will be unchained. Bethany, you will be affixed. Dana, you will be given a tie on. I need you to screw Bethany’s pussy. In the event that you don’t, Lisa will lose her virginity. By a man with a rooster so enormous, we could kill her. So I would recommend you do as such.”

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